Fran Edelstein
author, journalist


“[Edelstein’]s narrative voice is charming and engaging… the style … subtle—like the bass line in a song. [Her] work is compelling and enchanting.”

Jury member, Editor’s Choice Awards

"Edelstein has mastered her craft and tugs at and manipulates your heartstrings as you follow her circuitous journeys of nostalgia and poignancy. With a wisdom both fresh and mature her stories enlighten and humanize us."

Alan Eppel. Author, Sweet Sorrow: Love, Loss and Attachment in Human Life, Dundas , Ontario


"In Deedu I really got the whole flavor, the sights and sounds of that period in time 80 years ago, the cold winters of Montreal, the neighborhoods of immigrants.... Extremely poignant and charming."

JC, composer, New York , NY


"The Paper Boat really had me on the edge of my seat. Very taut and suspenseful, skillfully done. Whew!"

JA, Therapist, New York , NY


"I have been telling people in book groups to enjoy these powerful, heart-warming and beautifully written stories."

CG, Art Curator, Kalamazoo , Michigan


"The romance between Anne and Alex is divine. At times I could not wait to get to the next page."

EM, Promoter, Toronto , Canada

"Your description of the loving family in the story of
Deedu warms my heart."

CL, Montreal , Canada

"Best wishes for the success your book deserves."

MG, Retired doctor, Ottawa , Canada

"I love the way you made me see the people, and feel aches, pain, hurt, happiness and love.”

TB, Businesswoman, Nashville , TN


"Exciting indeed!"
YN, Businessperson, Jerusalem , Israel