In May, 2009, I launched my first book, "Set to Music," a collection of seven stories...each one a dramatic journey taking the reader to the very depths of the human heart. "Set to Music" is winning much acclaim from those who sense its power and love the strong, unexpected endings.

I always wanted to be a writer. It took me 50 years to get here!

Fran Edelstein
author, journalist


I was born in the height of the Depression. When ready to go out into the world with my teachers urging me to follow my dream, I was warned that writers didn't make a living, that I'd better do it as a sideline and get a paying job. So I went to work for the government; then met my husband, married and raised my family. But I'm told that I left bits of paper around the house, scribbled with ideas and remembrances as they came to me. My kids say they kept finding them in odd places like under the sofa cushions, as bookmarks in their bedtime stories... and there might have been one in their dinner! 

At age forty-two, armed with the ability to remember things that were said from way back, I decided to upgrade whatever skills I had and learn the fundamentals of writing them down. At Ryerson College I began to follow the dream with the writing of "The Mantilla", my assignment of choice to be handed in at the end of the year. 

What a fascinating experience! I didn't know what was happening! Imaginary characters suddenly popped up around me and became real; their personalities, actions and conversations scooped me up, pulled my fingers along the keys of the typewriter, (at that time, no computer), and the story practically wrote itself!

When opportunity knocked and I was asked to write for arts and antiques publications, "The Mantilla"got tucked away. But I swear, the story was bewitched, as it was intended to be. The Mantilla waited, and waited... until I retired, when it was picked up along with bits and pieces of other stories I'd begun, and this writer went to work ... guided by a voice that kept saying," Pursue your dream, and you'll be even happier than you are. I promise you." 

Not many years later, I am here where I always wanted to be. And I am indeed happy.